Top 7 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria

Top 7 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria

People who enjoy cannabis want to have one of two experiences. The first is a sense of complete mind and body relaxation. With the right strain, marijuana helps individuals unwind, rest, and sleep. The second is a feeling of euphoria. In this case, weed creates a sense of excitement and happiness, otherwise considered “getting high.”

If you’re looking to have a euphoric experience, it’s important to purchase the right strain of cannabis. Regardless of your goal, always buy superior quality cannabis. That means getting it from a respected dispensary or head shop. After all, not only does the strain determine how you’ll feel, but it also determines the quality of the marijuana.

The Best Delivery Method to Achieve a Euphoric Effect

Years ago, smoking pot was the only option, although some pranksters would put dried weed in baked brownies and then give them to unsuspecting friends. Today, you have many different ways to enjoy cannabis. Along with smoking, that includes vaping concentrated oil, munching on edibles, swallowing capsules, and adding marijuana to food and beverage recipes at home.

The delivery method to get marijuana into your system impacts the effect you’ll have, how quickly you experience euphoria, and how long the high will last. Here are the two options.


Whether smoking or vaping marijuana, the THC goes directly into the bloodstream. From there, it travels to the brain. That means it bypasses the lungs.

With this, you can anticipate feeling the effects of the cannabis within a few seconds to minutes. For most people, the full impact lasts for about six hours, although in some cases, individuals experience residual effects for up to 24 hours.


The other way to enjoy cannabis is by eating edibles, swallowing capsules, or adding it to food and beverage recipes at home. Compared to inhaling marijuana, ingesting takes an entirely different route within the body. It first goes to the stomach. Then, it moves on to the liver, into the bloodstream, and finally, it reaches the brain.

While passing through the liver, ingesting cannabis converts THC into a more potent form. Combined with strains that contain a high level of THC, this means you’ll experience a much more intense high or euphoric effect.

Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

The effect of marijuana is unique for every person. Of course, the strain also determines an individual’s overall experience. Often, people use words like “dazed,” “half-baked,” and “confused” to describe how they feel when using cannabis. However, there is such a thing as a “perfect high.”

With the right marijuana strain, you can accomplish two goals, one that’s physical and another that’s emotional.

  • Physically, you want cannabis to help you relax. Often, cannabis users go through a period of feeling extremely hungry and having sensitivity to taste, smell, color, touch, and light.
  • Emotionally, a perfect high makes you experience euphoria, amusement, and creativity. Many screenwriters, songwriters, and authors admit they do their best work after inhaling or ingesting pot.

The Best Strains to Achieve Euphoria

Now comes the fun part: learning about the best strains of marijuana to experience euphoria. Remember, this is a general consensus. So, not everyone will agree with the options listed.

1. Purple Punch

Landing in the number one spot on many lists, Purple Punch is an indica-dominant strain. The THC potency is roughly 21 percent. As an exceptional choice for achieving euphoria, marijuana users state this makes them feel relaxed yet highly creative.

As a bonus, this strain smells and tastes like a combination of tangy citrus, sweet candy, and blueberry muffins.

2. Skywalker

With a name like that, you shouldn’t expect anything less than euphoria. This hybrid is 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa, which comes from a cross between Mazar-I-Sharif and Blueberry.

As for its THC potency, Skywalker is around 23 percent. Many people like to smoke or ingest this particular cannabis strain shorty before going out to enjoy the nightlife.

3. Euphoria Strain

The name of this cannabis strain says it all. Marijuana experts introduced this indica-dominant hybrid a little over 20 years ago. Not only has it remained a popular choice for people who want to achieve euphoria, but it’s also received numerous awards and become a top pick around the world. 

This marijuana strain is a cross between Shark Shock and Royal Medic. That gives it a unique fruity smell and sweet flavour. Although Euphoria Strain has a low THC level of about 9 percent and a CBD level of over 7 percent, it still produces euphoria combined with a sense of relaxation. One of its more dominating traits is that it makes people chatty.

Amnesia Haze

4. Amnesia Haze

This cross between Afghan Hawaiian, Jamaican sativa, and Laotian sativa has a THC potency level of 22 percent. Whether they inhale or ingest it, people who use this marijuana strain quickly begin to feel happy, upbeat, excited, and motivated. Because of that, you’d probably want to enjoy this strain during the day.

5. White Widow

People in the Netherlands began using this cannabis strain in the mid-1990s. After discovering it boosted conversation and enhanced creativity, it became a top pick. Fused by Brazilian sativa and Indian indica, this strain produces a healthy yet somewhat mild high.

As part of the euphoric experience, people notice a definite boost of energy and mood. For anyone who struggles in social settings, this strain is ideal.

6. Green Crack

While this marijuana strain doesn’t have the sexiest name, it’s a great choice if you want to experience euphoria. Green Crack consists of 65 percent sativa and 35 percent indica. Considering its THC potency level is 25 percent, you can only guess how great you’ll feel whether inhaling or ingesting this strain.

7. Banana Kush

If you love the smell of ripe bananas, you’ll appreciate this cannabis strain. Indica-dominant, it has a slightly sweet taste when smoked that yields a distinct high. That makes perfect sense since the THC potency level of this marijuana strain is a whopping 27 percent.

At that level, people experience a head buzz that goes along with a relaxed body. Now, if you’re not a fan of bananas, but you like the level of potency in this strain, you can choose Pineapple Kush instead. While you can smoke or vape it, this particular strain is an outstanding choice for extracts and edibles.

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