How to Taste the Nuances of Marijuana Like a Pro

How to Taste the Nuances of Marijuana Like a Pro

There are more than 1,000 different strains of marijuana. Each strain is unique, offering users a taste, aroma, and effect unique to the strain. 

While knowing there are many different types of cannabis flowers to choose from may seem overwhelming, it is a good thing. It allows users to find a strain that appeals to them and best helps with whatever needs they have.

Even if users have found the perfect marijuana strain for them, with so many on the market, trying new ones can be a fun experience—if it is done correctly. 

The Importance of Tasting Marijuana

Think about those who attend wine or cheese tastings. Those involve taking time to experience the product and enjoying everything from taste to smell that the product has to offer.

When trying a new type of weed, there is so much to take in about the strain. By really taking time to enjoy and experience it, users can ensure they get its full effects and have a one of a kind experience.

How to Experience Marijuana

Unlike tasting food or drinks, tasting marijuana may not be ideal for trying more than one strain at a time due to the effects it has on users. Discover how to enjoy the new strain, starting with the moment it arrives on your doorstep from an online cannabis retailer to the moment its effects start to take hold. 

How to Experience Marijuana

1. Start with evaluating the product 

When the cannabis flower arrives, you want to make sure you have received a quality product. This involves looking at the product, feeling the product, smelling it, and, finally, tasting it. 

Look to see if the flower is dry or dull. A vibrant, fresh flower indicates that it is fresh and has been trimmed well for optimal effects. Does it have little crystal-like beads, giving it a lovely shimmer? A nice shine indicates the presence of trichomes, which give the plants their taste and effects.

Once you’ve visually inspected the cannabis, reach in and feel it. You will want to make sure the flower is not moist (without being too moist). A dry bud indicates it is not fresh. 

Take a big inhale to get a feel for the smell the plant has to offer. You may be surprised at the scents you pick up. If there is not a robust smell, the weed may not be the best quality. 

Finally, take a little piece and put it on your tongue to taste it. Although the flavour will change once exposed to heat, this can give a decent idea of the flavours to expect while smoking it. 

2. Now it is time to smoke your weed

This is the fun part. To get the full experience of the weed, consider doing a “French inhale” followed by a few regular hits. Fill up your mouth with smoke. Let it roll around in your mouth while also letting some smoke slowly leak out of your mouth. This is a great way to engage all your senses, getting a better feel for the taste and the aroma of the strain

As you smoke, take note of how the cannabis burns. A quality product should not turn to dust but rather burn the crystals before catching the flower on fire. 

3. Enjoy the effects

Each strain will take a different amount of time to go into effect. But, as you smoke, pause between hits to assess how you feel. Do you feel relaxed? Depending on the type of cannabis strain you are trying, you should note different areas of your body feeling the hit first. 

Not only does taking time to account the effects you feel help you determine if the strain is accomplishing what you want it to, but it can also make the experience more enjoyable. You are taking the time to appreciate the strain rather than smoking and going. 

Beyond Smoking Cannabis

Beyond Smoking Cannabis

Smoking is not the only way to enjoy cannabis. The marijuana market has a seemingly endless number of products and ways for people to enjoy weed. Smoking does offer a unique experience to users, though.

However, for those with sensitive lungs or for whom smoking just isn’t their thing, there are other cannabis products to enjoy. Products such as gummies, marijuana drink mixes, and even edibles in the form of baked goods can help users get the high they are looking for. However, experiencing the nuances of cannabis will not be as easy. 

Finding the Right Cannabis Dose

No matter how you ingest marijuana, choosing the right amount is important. Too high of a dose can lead to a bad high and a not so enjoyable experience. Too low of a dose can leave users feeling nothing at all. 

It is a good idea to start with a low dose and allow time for it to take effect. If more is needed, take just a small amount more, slowly building up until you reach the desired effects. Be sure to note how much it took, so you are prepared the next time you use it. 

One of the great things about taking time to experience the nuances of cannabis is that you do take time to experience the different effects. Since you are going slow to enjoy all the bud has to offer, you will be able to tell how much is enough. 

Experiencing Marijuana Like a Pro

When it comes to enjoying marijuana, there is a lot to take in, and it starts when you open the box. The first inspection helps ensure you have a quality product while preparing your sense for the upcoming cannabis experience. 

To fully appreciate all cannabis has to offer while smoking, go slow. Engage all your senses to take advantage of the smell, taste, and effects the strain provides. 

Experiencing marijuana like a pro can be done alone or with a friend or two. Make it a fun activity to do together. Just be sure all parties are aware of the proposed effects of the strain before tasting it.

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