What Are Cannabis Budder and Cannabis Diamonds?

What Are Cannabis Budder and Cannabis Diamonds

Marijuana concentrates are becoming quite popular in the cannabis world with the rise of dabbing. Users may be surprised at the options available to them when choosing a cannabis concentrate to try.

Below, we’ll dive into two of the most popular concentrates: budder and the highly coveted cannabis diamond.

What Is Cannabis Budder?

Cannabis budder is part of the concentrate family of marijuana products. Although it is often confused with cannabutter, they are actually two different things.

Cannabutter is butter infused with cannabis. Budder, on the other hand, is a concentrate created by extracting THC from a marijuana plant. They are used in different ways and created via their own distinct methods.

Budder is a type of concentrate named based on its texture once it has been extracted. To make this, growers will use a product, often butane or CO2, to remove the THC from a marijuana plant. They do this by pouring the solution over the plant.

The resulting product is named according to its texture. Budder, for example, is often described as having a smooth consistency (like butter) that is part way between wax and crumble.

Why Users Like Budder

With marijuana concentrates becoming more popular, why do users like budder over the other options available?

Its consistency is likely the most significant factor. Most users will dab budder to achieve their high. Dabbing involves removing the budder from its container and placing it on a nail, which heats it. Budder’s consistency is ideal for this process. It is easy to scoop up using a dabber, and it won’t run off the nail when applied.

Like other concentrates, budder also has high THC amounts, giving users a powerful high.

Why Users Like Budder

Storing Your Budder

Because a little budder goes a long way, many people will use their budder over multiple dabbing sessions. That means they have to store it between them.

Properly storing your budder is critical if you want to be able to use it down the road. Budder stored incorrectly may start to harden, making it difficult to use, and it can even lose some of its potency.

To store your budder right, place it in an air-tight jar (silicone or glass are often recommended) and keep it out of the light. You can do this by purchasing an opaque jar or by keeping it in a dark place in a glass jar. You will also want to keep it in a cool place, as heat can speed up the degradation process and leave you with an ineffective budder.

What Are Cannabis Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are also sometimes referred to as terp diamonds or THCa crystalline. Although they are relatively new to the marijuana market, they are becoming a popular item. However, they can be challenging to get a hold of and are pricier than other marijuana products. They are, in essence, an isolate of pure THCa.

While concentrates like budder get their name from their consistency, cannabis diamonds are the result of a specific part of the extraction process. The first step to making these diamonds is soaking cannabis flowers in a solvent, which is the same as making budder. But that’s as far as the similarities go.

Once the cannabis is soaked in the solvent, growers will usually put it into the oven to get rid of the extra solvent. This is the process (in essence) for making things like budder. However, when it comes to cannabis diamonds, rather than putting the plant and solvent mixture in the oven, growers will place everything in a sealed container. Then, it is stored in a cool, dark place for several weeks.

As the product sits, the material starts to separate, and THCa crystals start to form, along with a liquid terpene extract. Growers can either bake these two things separately or mix the two back up, creating what is known as the sauce.

Will Cannabis Diamonds Get You High?

Yes, but not in their raw form. THCa is present in all weeds, but it is not psychoactive on its own. To become effective, it must go through a process called decarboxylation. This process involves heating up the diamond, which then turns THCa into the potent THC, which will get users high.

That is why marijuana users will use a dab rig or a vaporizer to enjoy cannabis diamonds.

Cannabis diamonds are also very potent once heated. While concentrates like budder have high THC amounts of around 80-90 percent, cannabis diamonds have an even higher concentration of THC. Cannabis diamonds are almost pure THCa, and when heated, their power is strong. Terp diamonds will have about 99.9 percent THC.

How to Store Terp Diamonds

How to Store Terp Diamonds

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in possession of enough terp diamonds to use multiple times, you’ll want to take care of between uses. Just like other concentrates, properly storing them is important.

Keep your cannabis diamonds in a sealed, air-tight container. They should also be kept in a cool environment. Some people may just keep them in a room temperature room, while others prefer to store them in the fridge.

Dosing Your Terp Diamonds

Cannabis diamonds are incredibly potent, and this can take people by surprise if they are not aware.

The first time you try terp diamonds, keep in mind that they are nearly pure THC, so start with a low dose. You can also dab more the next time. A good rule of thumb: start low and go slow.

In Conclusion

Concentrates are relatively new to the marijuana market but are experiencing a slow, steady increase in popularity. Two of the most popular concentrates are budder and cannabis diamonds.

Named for its consistency, budder is easy for smokes to work with, making it an ideal concentrate. It is malleable without being brittle and offers a powerful high.

Cannabis diamonds are quite rare and have only recently become popular. Almost pure THC, they pack quite the punch, which is appealing to many users.

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