Weed Grades: 101 Breaking Down AAAA Vs. AAA

Weed Grades

Weed is now legal in Canada. No longer do stoners have to source weed on the black market. They also don’t need to sneak around dark alleys to get a joint. They can now purchase and enjoy weed freely. Before, stoners would have to be content with what was available, whether excellent or poor standard. Today, weed is sold openly, so long as the buyer is 19 years or older. Whether shopping online or at a physical clinic, people can choose their preferred weed. 

In the Canadian cannabis market, weed must go through a subjective grading process based on lab results. The findings are then used to grade weed by three quality levels: low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade (top shelf). The alternative grading system is one that runs from AA to AAAA. Most weed dispensaries choose the latter system. AA is the lowest grade, while AAAA is the highest grade. 

How to Gauge the Quality of Your Weed

When grading weed, the potency is not as important. Some other elements are more significant. These include:

1. Sight 

Sight is the most basic standard by which to judge cannabis. Just look at it. Assess the structure of the bud. The denser it looks, the better. Also, look out for signs of pests, insects and pathogens. Infected buds will have different colours. If you see signs of bleaching and browning, that is a sign that moulds infested the plants during production. The mould may be long dead, but the browning is a sign that it existed.

Another factor to look out for is the trim of the buds. Good weed should have the leaves well-trimmed to reveal the buds. If the leaves surrounding the buds are broken, something may be wrong. The leaves left behind may be concealing something. Check your buds to confirm.

2. Smell 

The aroma of the buds is highly regarded in the cannabis industry. Just by the smell only, you can determine whether there are any defects in the buds. Most cannabis types have an earthy, citrus, or lavender aroma. The unwanted aromas are the green leaf notes that make weed smell like cut grass or hay. The pungency of the aroma also matters. If it is low and weak, it is indicative that the marijuana is muted or flat. 

A musty smell indicates that marijuana was stored in poor conditions. It could also mean that marijuana has been in storage for too long and passed its prime. The musty smell is like the kind you find in an unaerated basement or clothes that have been in a suitcase for a long time. The reason for this is that as time goes, the cannabis oxidizes. The cannabinoid compounds and the aromatic terpenes switch up and start to smell like piss.


3. Taste

If the weed stinks, you’re unlikely to get to the testing stage. However, if you brave yourself and light a joint, you may gauge the weed quality by its taste. Cannabis of good quality has a strong pleasant taste that complements its smell. After burning, its ash should be white and clean. 

Grade AAA Cannabis 

Grade AAA is the first level from which you start getting good quality weed. AAA grade cannabis is the most common and sometimes considered the standard cannabis level. But, there still is a variation in terms of quality and potency within the AAA category. 

Many sellers choose to leave out lower grades and only retail AAA and above. Buds belonging to this category are colourful, thick, dense, and healthy. The buds must be neat and well-kept. Depending on the strain you choose, you will find some orange, pink, purple, or yellow hairs sticking out of the buds. There is also a hefty deposit of trichomes crystals surrounding the buds. 

AAA weed generally gives an intense high. The sativa strains hit the head first and boost your energy and mood. The indica strains give you a body-high that makes you mellow and relaxed while eliminating stress and pain.  Regarding the smell, grade AAA cannabis must be aromatic and pleasant. It should not carry any unintentional aromas. 

Although weed of this category contains many high-level qualities, it may ease up on some characteristics. For example, its buds maybe a little less dense and have some slight discoloration. 

Grade AAAA Cannabis 

AAAA quality is some of the best quality weed you can get. At this level, all factors align for this strain. This is to say that the weed’s taste, smell, and appearance are all at near-perfect levels. Some sellers call weed of this category top-shelf weed. If the trim is not neat or you see a hint of discoloration, the weed is not of this level.

AAAA weed has brilliant colours and a pungent odour. There are also colourful hairs all around the bud, and the buds have a heavy deposit of crystal THC-packed trichomes. Grade AAAA weed has a strong taste and aroma that complement each other. There is no harsh aftertaste after consuming the weed either.

Grade AAAA Cannabis

AAAA Vs. AAA Cannabis

When buying weed from a legit dealer, the weed must have gone through a series of quality checks. However, it is also crucial that you know how to identify weed from each category. The knowledge will help you ascertain that what you’re getting is what was advertised. Use the three senses mentioned to differentiate AAAA vs. AAA cannabis strains. 

Remember that both AAAA and AAA weed strains are of high quality. They have deep and brilliant hues with touches of green, orange, purple, pink, or blue. Both have powerful and pleasant aromas and a dense layer of trichomes looking like sugar crystals. However, level AAA weed may take on some slight brown discoloration and a little less dense buds. Its trichomes may also be frosty, and its colours less vibrant. 

Where to Buy AAAA and AAA Weed 

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