What Is Distillate and How to Use It

What Is Distillate and How to Use It

Over the past several years, marijuana users have enjoyed a growth in the popularity of the plant. Marijuana is no longer seen by many people in a negative light, and you are not limited to using just a couple of strains of a dried flower. There are now many varieties of the plant, and you can also find edibles and concentrates. And in areas such as Canada, it is now legal to consume marijuana recreationally.

Many people like the option of being able to choose the type of cannabis used, but the options out there can be overwhelming. And when you consider concentrates, it can be hard to keep up with options such as shatter, oil, and wax. But THC distillates might be even more unknown to you since it is one of the newer options available.

About THC Distillates

Besides other extracts such as CO2 oil and butane hash oil (BHO), THC distillates are increasing in their popularity among marijuana users. Distillates are concentrates that have the highest amounts of THC in them out of any concentrate or extract. At the same time, they are usually free of impurities. You can use distillates in edibles, tinctures, vaporisers, or for dabbing in your rig.

Unlike other methods of extraction, distillates do not have solvents in them. They are purged using a short loop system. Although other extracts using solvents are purged as well before the product is done, it is a good idea to keep out the impurities in the first place if possible.

Distillates are made using short path distillation, which means that low temperatures are used to extract even tiny compounds from the plant matter. There are two main parts of the process. First, the terpenes are removed from the plant and may be introduced again later on.

The next step involves removing the solvents, lipids, and any potential impurities, like pesticides or fertilisers. The end will result in there being a purer distillate that is psychoactive and does not have a taste. Then the distillate can become an oil that is full of terpenes and THC.

Why Choose THC Distillate?

There are different methods of consuming marijuana, and each one comes with its own benefits. The THC content, purity, dosing, ease of use, and discretion are often used to compare the different methods of consumption. There are several reasons that THC distillates are becoming more popular than ever.

Why Choose THC Distillate

The Purity

There are no other concentrates or extracts that have the same level of purity that THC distillates do. The distillate creation process does not need solvents, allowing for unwanted chemicals, plant matter, and lipids to be removed. The terpenes are also separated out in the beginning, but they can be added in later before the end of the process. Because of how pure distillates are, you can easily dose them and know just how much you are getting at once. Plus, they are a good option when you are making a marijuana edible.

The purity of the product might be even more concerning for those who are smoking or vaping their THC. This is because no one wants to be inhaling chemicals or carcinogens that could potentially damage their respiratory system. Luckily, distillates do not have solvents, which means they offer a potentially cleaner method of using THC.

The Amount of THC in Distillates

Many people feel that the biggest advantage of using a THC distillate is the amount of THC in them. Out of all the extracts you can find, distillates have the largest amount of THC content. They can be around 90 to 99 percent pure. For example, bud might have 15 to 25 percent of THC, while some other extracts have around 60 to 80 percent.

Quick Effects

Using a distillate can give you effects faster than otherwise. The length of time to affect you will depend on the consumption method, but if you vape or smoke it, you might get a nearly immediate effect. Placing the distillate under your tongue can also give you effects quickly. However, if you put it in an edible, the effects may take a bit longer for their onset. Your body has to metabolise it first.


Not every user wants to show that they are using marijuana or let on that they are high. Using marijuana orally through edibles and tinctures is a discreet way to get high. Vape pens can also be discreet since you will not smell like cannabis.

How Do You Use a Distillate?

You might find that distillate is highly versatile, and that is what might set it apart from the other options available. There are many methods of consumption for distillates, such as dabbing, vaping, and edibles.



The distillate is a good option for each type of vaping. You can use refillable vapes, handheld ones, or disposable ones. Using a distillate can give you an immediate high and offer a unique flavour if the company that made them added the terpenes to it again.

Dabbing Your Distillate

You can get a blast of THC when you put a distillate in your dab rig. Wax, shatter, and now distillate are some of the most popular products for dabbing. You will not waste any of the product, and you can get a high from this high-quality concentrate.

Making Edibles

One of the hardest parts of making marijuana edibles is controlling the taste and dosage control. Some people do not like the fact that marijuana has a distinct taste, and it can change the taste of the edible. This is why using a cannabis distillate without the terpenes is so popular when cooking. You can add as much THC as you want in the product, and the food will not taste like marijuana.

Closing Thoughts

Although many people will still prefer dried buds, edibles and concentrates are the future of the industry. Using a distillate is a great way to stay on top of the current trends related to marijuana consumption.

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