Winter Weed: 7 Best Strains to Get You Through the Cold

7 Best Strains to Get You Through the Cold

Ah, winter. For some, winter is a terrible season—full of short days, bad weather, and, of course, cold air. For many other people, winter is a wonderful time a year. It’s a time filled with holiday gatherings (when the world isn’t in a pandemic at least), holiday goodies, and the chance to do winter recreational activities like skiing and sledding. For some, the winter air is a refreshing change.

No matter if you love or hate winter, there is no denying the days can get long, especially since most of it will be spent inside. That’s why many people may find weed to be the perfect cure for winter days. 

Depending on the type of marijuana purchased, it can help energize users to be productive, even when sunlight is scarce. Weed can also promote feelings of relaxation if being stuck inside and dealing with the family has been difficult. 

Whatever the need for marijuana in winter, there is a strain to help you get through it. 

The Effects of Weed on People

Different cannabis strains produce different effects on people. That is why it is important to know what the weed you are purchasing contains. 

Whether a marijuana flower is an indica or sativa-dominant strain, as well as the amount of CBD or THC the bud contains, will determine the effects you get. 

Indica Vs. Sativa Marijuana Strains

Indica plants have shorter, fatter leaves than sativa and give the user what is known as a body high. It helps people relax, stimulates appetite, and can help aid sleep. Because of its relaxing properties, indica is popular for use at night time. 

Sativa strains have long, thin leaves on the flower. This type of plant is known for helping users feel more alert and have increased energy. It also provides users with an uplifting feeling. These effects are why most marijuana users recommend keeping your sativa use to the daylight hours. 

Most marijuana strains are called hybrids, containing different amounts of both indica and sativa leaves. It is quite rare anymore to find a pure strain. Instead, users will find strains listed as indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. The dominant strain, and the amount of each, can help determine the effects the bud will have on you.

Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana Strains

CBD Vs. THC: What’s the Difference?

Once you determine if the strain of marijuana you want to take is indica or sativa-dominant, you’ll next want to look at the CBD and THC content each product contains. These two elements are both cannabinoids found in the plant, but they do different things.  

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive agent. It stimulates the effects of marijuana without giving users the typical “high” feeling associated with marijuana. CBD is often used to help temper the effects of THC.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is what gets people high. A psychoactive component, the higher the THC content, the higher people will feel. 

Users will be able to find some products that contain only CBD or only THC, as well as products that contain both. Knowing what they accomplish can help ensure you choose the right marijuana strain for your needs. 

For those new to marijuana and marijuana products, finding something with a lower THC content and a higher CBD content is likely a good way to start. Once users know how they will be impacted, they can increase the THC or CBD as they desire.  

7 Winter Marijuana Strains to Try

There are hundreds of marijuana strains out there. There are an estimated 779 different strains. This can make knowing where to begin difficult, especially if users are looking for a new winter cannabis to try. 

Below are seven popular cannabis strains. See what they contain, the effects they give, and how they can improve a user’s winter experience. 

  1. Jack Frost. Named after the popular character, Jack Frost is a hearty marijuana strain that is the perfect way to enhance outdoor activities, whether a leisurely stroll or building a snowman. This strain is an indica sativa hybrid. It has a relatively large amount of THC, often with levels up to 23 percent, and low traces of CBD. 
  2. Sour Tsunami. Another hybrid, Sour Tsunami, also features a nice balance of THC and CBD content, averaging about 10 percent of each. You will feel its effects but not get the high of THC-dominant strains. If you are sore from winter activities like shovelling or snowboarding, this strain is a good one to try. 
  3. Platinum Cookies. During the winter months, the smell of freshly baked cooking coming out of the oven can be relaxing. This THC-heavy strain (around 22 percent) is known for giving off strong relaxation effects, making it a good option for many users. These relaxing effects can help those struggling to cope with being cooped up in the house with family, friends and roommates during these winter months. 
  4. Maui Wowie. Also sometimes labelled as Maui Waui, this bud originated in Hawaii. Offering typically pineapple and sweet flavours, Maui Wowie is a sativa-dominant bud that is THC heavy as well (about 19 percent). It can help users feel energized and motivated when the days are dark and gray. 
  5. Raspberry Kush. Known for its sweet smell and taste, Raspberry Kush is a potent strain. It is indica and THC-dominant, giving users a powerful feeling of euphoria. Along with its sweet taste, it also offers notes of vanilla, making it a nice, sweet option during dreary winter days. 
  6. Granddaddy Purple. Known for its unique and quite pretty appearance, it has a candy and grape flavour that makes it appealing to many. It gives users a euphoric feeling and has also been known to increase appetite. It is indica-dominant and usually contains around 20 percent THC with little to no CBD. Use it to help spice up an otherwise boring day stuck inside.
  7.  White Rhino. Named such because it resembles a rhino’s horn, this indica-dominant strain helps people relax and get some sleep. It contains about 18 percent THC with a small amount (about 1 percent) of CBD. For those struggling to sleep this winter, take this and wrap up in your favourite blanket. 

Other Ways to Ingest Weed This Winter

Other Ways to Ingest Weed This Winter 

Although people who smoke weed can certainly continue to do so in the winter months, consider trying other marijuana products to get your hit during this time. After all, time stuck at home is perfect for trying new things. Plus, many products are perfect to use in cold months. 

Consider trying various types of marijuana edibles to spice up your cannabis this winter. With many options available, you are sure to find an edible that fits your lifestyle and needs, such as:

  • Marijuana gummies. These come in many flavours like strawberry, pineapple, and more.  
  • Cannabis cookies. These mix a classic sweet dessert with THC to create a winter treat. 
  • THC drink mixes. Mix these into your favourite winter beverage, such as hot chocolate or warm cider. 
  • Marijuana-infused chocolate. Perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and getting the effects of marijuana. 

In addition to being a fun way to ingest marijuana in the winter months, edibles offer other benefits to users as well. 

They are discreet and often easier to transport than a bong or vape pen. Simply put them in your pocket or purse before you head out the door. And, when you take one, nobody has to know your snack contains marijuana. 

Edibles are also pre-dosed. So, they contain a set amount of marijuana. This allows users to know exactly how much they are getting and the strength of the effects they will feel.

They are also a nice alternative for those who enjoy marijuana but cannot smoke due to lung issues. 

Smoking Outside in the Winter? What You Need to Know

For those sticking with smoking weed in the winter months, smoking can have its own challenges. Standing outside in freezing or below-freezing temperatures is not fun. And, it can be dangerous depending on how cold it is. 

If you must smoke outside during the winter, consider changing your smoking method, so you can get quicker hits. A bong or even a dab ring can help you reduce the time you have to spend outside to get high. In cold weather, will your bud get ruined? Probably not, especially if you don’t stay outside with it for an extended amount of time. But, if you keep a smoking pipe or device with a glass bowl in the garage during the winter months, the glass could crack when exposed to the flame of a lighter. 

Warm up the device before lighting up to keep it in good condition and clean it regularly, so particles don’t freeze to it. 

Buying Weed in the Winter

Buying Weed in the Winter

Buying weed in the wintertime can be a challenge. Bad weather and icy roads can make it difficult to get out and about, which can leave your cannabis stores running low. 

During the winter months, consider buying weed online and in bulk. Many online retailers offer discounts for buying products in bulk, so you may even save money in the long run. Plus, it will save you from having to make a trip out. 

If you do buy in bulk from either a local store an online weed seller, make sure you store the weed properly. Not doing so can cause it to lose its potency, smell, and flavour. 

Glass jars are the recommended way to store most weeds. However, be sure the containers are not too large, which can invite in extra air. Store your weed in a jar with an airtight lid to help it retain its freshness. A vacuum sealer can help ensure there is no extra air in the container.

Keep the weed in a cool, dark place as sunlight can degrade the bud. It also should be kept out of humidity, so don’t place it next to something warm. A drawer in a desk is a common storage place for weed. 

Finally, make sure each container is labelled. Include what strain it contains and the date you purchased it. This will help you make sure the container you grab is the one you want and eliminates the risk of getting effects you weren’t prepared for. 

The Skinny of Freezing Weed

Some users who buy weed in bulk choose to freeze it, helping it last longer. While freezing your marijuana is fine most of the time, it is important to do it correctly. If you plan to freeze your buds this winter, make sure they are wrapped first in parchment paper and then put in an airtight container. 

If your buds get too cold during their storage months and freeze on accident, they could become damaged if not in the correct storage containers. Be sure to check your weed storage frequently while it is cold. 

When it is time to use the frozen weed, whether intentionally or accidentally frozen, it is important to allow it time to completely thaw before you smoke it or use it. This will help keep the flower from losing its potency and prevents humidity from developing in the container. 

Surviving Winter With Weed Wrap up

Surviving Winter With Weed Wrap-up

Canadians may find weed helpful when it comes to coping with long winter months. Depending on the strain, weed can help enhance whatever winter activity you are doing or make spending all this time indoors a little easier. 

Before you light up, make sure you research what is in the weed strain you are purchasing. Check to see:

  • if it is indica or sativa-dominant
  • the THC amount
  • the CBD content

Knowing this information will help you determine the effects that strain will have on you. It will also help you be sure you are going to get the effects you desire.

Feel free to experiment with new ways of consuming marijuana, including edibles like baked goods, drink mixes, and more. 

Using weed is a simple and effective way to liven up these long, cold winter months. 

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