Marijuana Travel Guide: North America’s Top Pot Spots

Marijuana Travel Guide North America’s Top Pot Spots

As more and more people are using cannabis recreationally in North America, people are traveling so they can consume cannabis. If you want to visit a cannabis hot spot but do not know the best place to go, keep reading. 

If you decide to travel throughout the United States, remember that even though some states have legalized marijuana, it is still illegal federally. You should do your research on areas that you will be visiting. It is also important to plan out where you will be traveling, so you can look at the laws of moving cannabis across state or country borders. 

Why Do Cannabis Tourism?

When you are exploring somewhere new, you might have culture shock, which can be even more vivid when you are high. By using an indica strain, you can unwind a bit, or you can choose a sativa strain for going to a party. If you do not know much about cannabis, you can go on a tour or choose a cannabis-friendly service, so you can learn a bit more. 

More and more areas are offering services that marijuana lovers will enjoy. Many countries have decriminalized using cannabis, or they are even telling law enforcement officers to look the other way. However, some areas still have strict penalties. 

When you are traveling, you should be respectful and responsible, but you will also want to be discreet. Try to look at the local laws before arriving. In some areas, they might be very accommodating for those who want to enjoy cannabis. Cannabis is a regulated and legal industry in some areas, as well. This creates economic activity that spills over to another huge industry, which is tourism. For example, bed-and-breakfasts might allow you to use cannabis and have designated smoking areas.

Why Do Cannabis Tourism


You will find many of the cannabis dispensaries in Anchorage. 

However, for cannabis tourism, Fairbanks is another attractive area. There are cannabis-friendly accommodations, such as bed-and-breakfasts that have smoking areas. You can also watch the Northern Lights while enjoying your cannabis. There are many dispensaries in this city, as well. 

If you go to Alaska between the middle of September and April, you might be able to see the Northern Lights. If you go farther north than Fairbanks, you might be even more likely to see them. In Juneau and Anchorage, there are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and some cannabis. 

Cannabis has been legal in Alaska for recreational use since 2014. The industry had a bit of a slow start to it, but today, you can find cannabis tours and dispensaries. Just remember that it is not legal to smoke cannabis in public there. So, if you visit the Denali National Park or any other national parks, you should avoid smoking your joints. Although it is allowed on private property, you should make sure that you check the hotel or rental’s policies before booking your trip to avoid any disappointments. 

Costa Rica

If you like cannabis and the beach, then you might want to try Costa Rica. Because using recreational cannabis is not a criminal offense, you can use small amounts of cannabis in private.

There are also good waves for surfing, so if you like to surf, then this might be a top choice for you. The weather is balmy, and the beaches are pretty, so you can satisfy your love for surfing. It is also known as one of the happiest countries in the world, so you will leave feeling more positive. Even if you are not a surfer, you can explore the mountains and rainforests.


Cannabis is legal to use in the entire state of California, so you might want to do some exploring. However, you can find the most dispensaries in San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can come into the international airports in either of the cities, but it is a good idea to compare the prices of other airports in the area. If you are going to Los Angeles, you might be able to fly to Long Beach to save some money. If you are going to San Francisco, you might want to go to Oakland and use public transportation. 

Some of the hotels in California let you smoke in the outdoor areas. Others even let you vape while you are in your room. Some hotels are considering opening dispensaries in the future to draw in cannabis enthusiasts. 

While you are in California, you can explore music festivals, some of which sell cannabis to enjoy during the event.

The West Coast

The West Coast

The West Coast, in general, offers many opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts to have a memorable journey. The Pacific Northwest offers some beautiful landscapes, which is where some of the earliest adaptors of legal cannabis opened stores. If you want to take a tour of cannabis-related historical sites, this might be one area that you choose to stop in. From north to south, there is plenty to do and see along the coast. 


Colorado is a paradise when it comes to consuming cannabis. Cannabis was legalized in the state in 2014 for recreational use. The state then started opening many different cannabis-related stores. That included everything from marijuana-friendly hotels to dispensaries and tours related to cannabis. Many tourists wanted to visit as a result. Since then, the cannabis tourism industry has grown by more than 50 percent. 

You can enjoy craft beers, views of the Rocky Mountains, and more while you enjoy your cannabis. You can also visit cannabis lounges to meet new people. 

There is a lot to see in Colorado in general, but if you want to explore the marijuana world there, then you may want to make Denver a priority. There is a wide range of hotels that will let you use cannabis in them, so there is something for any travel style. You should make sure that you confirm with the hotel you will be staying at that you will be able to use your cannabis while you are there to relax after a long day.

You can enjoy the natural beauty of the city, go to a concert there, or even meet other cannabis users at one of the marijuana classes. You also can enjoy a walking tour or eat dinner that is paired with marijuana.


You can stay in hotels here that have marijuana-friendly packages since some of them partner with local dispensaries. You can have a spa experience and enjoy indoor pools and saunas. You can explore downtown Boston and dine on seafood or just spend some time relaxing. 



This state allows for the recreational use of weed. You can go to Las Vegas and find some cannabis-friendly areas to stay in. Many of the hotels near the casinos have some strict rules about keeping cannabis off of the property, but you can also look for an apartment rental that lets you smoke there. Being in Las Vegas will allow you to easily access several marijuana dispensaries. 

Being able to use cannabis can change your trip for the better, whether that is on the breathtaking landscapes of Nevada, the vivid Las Vegas strip, or other areas. 


There are more than 175 dispensaries in the city of Portland, and this should be one of your top considerations when you are going to travel to this state. You can look for hotels that offer cannabis packages. Some of them even come with lighters, grinders, vape pens, or cannabis edibles. Not every hotel allows you to smoke, however. 

Remember that smoking in Oregon is illegal if you are in a public area, so you should look for one of the many cannabis cafes there. These lounges are somewhat private and allow you to socialize with other marijuana users while enjoying a hit. You can just walk into some of them, but others require you to have a membership or even an invite. At some of them, you can also enjoy arcade games and pool tables. 


If you want to enjoy the wide range of cannabis culture that Washington state offers, then you will want to go to Seattle first. There are more than 50 dispensaries in the city. Some hotels allow you to smoke, but only if you go outdoors far enough away from the building. Others allow you to vape from the comfort of your room. 

There is no shortage of things to do in Seattle. If you want to have an extraordinary experience at a museum, then look for ones devoted to sculptures or pop culture. 



Cannabis is now legal across the entire country. You can also get home delivery of many different products. However, British Columbia is a very cannabis-friendly area for you to visit. Some of the cities have several smoking areas where you can enjoy lighting up a joint.

You can vape or smoke cannabis in any place that you can use tobacco in British Columbia. That means that when you are choosing a hotel, there is not much that is off-limits. As long as the hotel meets your needs, you can find one that lets you use cannabis. 

Some hotels have patios, which can be enjoyable if you do not want the smell of cannabis in your room. The hotels range from boutique ones to more retro ones with courtyards. 

Because of Vancouver’s cannabis culture, it has the nickname Vansterdam. You can visit the Pot Block, which has some very cannabis-friendly options. For example, at some cafes, you can rent bongs and vaporizers. 

Traveling with Cannabis

Now that you know about some of the most cannabis-friendly areas in the continent, you will want to know how to fly with it. Even if you are in an area where it is legal, you are in federal territory when you walk in an airport.

For instance, if you get cannabis and are flying from a state that allows cannabis, you might be breaking the law since it is illegal federally and prohibited on federal property. If you have an e-cigarette, you can only have it in your carry-on bag. You can usually have medical marijuana in your checked and carry-on bag, but there are some restrictions that you should look up. The TSA may report any broken laws to the right authorities. 

If you use recreational weed, you should not try to travel with it. Even if you got it legally, moving it past a security checkpoint can be highly illegal. If you must travel with your recreational cannabis, consider going with edibles. They should be kept in the carry-on bag and have none of the original packaging, so you can make it through the TSA. 

What happens if you are caught with cannabis will depend on the location of the airport. If you are traveling to the United States and that a particular state allows recreational use, you may need to throw it out. If your cannabis is for medicinal purposes, then you may be able to take it through. However, since cannabis is illegal under U.S. federal law, you may be arrested. But remember that the Transportation Security Administration officers want to keep you safe and likely will not try to get you in trouble for cannabis possession. Just be courteous to them and do what they ask you to. 

Traveling with Cannabis

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to using cannabis, you don’t have to stay at home to enjoy a good smoke. There are many travel options, both in your home country and elsewhere. Just remember to look at the legalities of the area that you will be visiting in case you want to bring any of your stashes with you. If you want to stay flexible, then it might be best to plan on purchasing cannabis at each of the places you will be visiting and then using it up before you are ready to move on. That way, you can make sure that you are legally using marijuana.

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