The 25 Best Weed Strains to Help You Deal With a Hangover

The 25 Best Weed Strains to Help You Deal With a Hangover

You may not realize it, but cannabis can help you deal with your hangover the night after heavy drinking. Having a hangover is never a fun experience, but you can make the recovery process a bit smoother by choosing the right strain of weed. 

Why Weed Can Help With a Hangover

The cannabinoids in cannabis are the reason that so many people choose to smoke some to reduce their hangover. To start, you will get enjoyable euphoric feelings, which should do wonders for helping you forget about the headache and other symptoms of your hangover. On top of that, smoking weed can reduce inflammation and nausea associated with a hangover. It can also stimulate your appetite, and eating is a great way to soak up any leftover alcohol and get your body on the way to feeling normal again. 

Whether you choose to smoke cannabis flowers or find an edible or concentrate with your favorite strain, some cannabis strains will give you more relief from your hangover than others. You will notice that some of the strains on this list are high in CBD, which is no mistake, as CBD doesn’t deliver a high like THC does. This means that you can overcome your hangover without worrying about as much about a high affecting your ability to function during the day. Of course, the list also includes plenty of high-THC strains for those who want a traditional cannabis experience. (If a strain is not specified as high-CBD on the list, that means it is high-THC.)

When it comes to sativa vs indica strains, sativa can help by promoting energy and making your feel lively. Given that hangovers frequently come with tiredness, this is crucial. You may also want to consider using an indica strain at night to help you relax and fall asleep. Or you can enjoy one in the morning if you decide to sleep off or relax away the hangover. 

Acapulco Gold

This is among the strains on our list with the highest THC concentrations, typically 20 to 24%. That high concentration makes it great for relieving the pains and moderate aches associated with hangover-induced migraines. As a bonus, it can reduce your feelings of depression. 

Alley Cat Kush

Alley Cat Kush gives you an initial cerebral high. This makes it great for those times your hangover is accompanied by daily stress but when you still need to focus. Just keep in mind that this changes quickly, so make sure you take care of any urgent tasks right away. You will feel the munchies start, and then the high will become soothing and lethargic. 

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is another strain that you should only take if you don’t have major plans for the day. Soon after taking it, you will notice relief from hangover symptoms because you will find it hard to concentrate on them or anything else. Soon after that, you will start to get incredibly sleepy. 

Blackberry Kush

Black Mamba

Black Mamba is among the cannabis strains that cures a hangover by helping you sleep right through it. You will typically get about an hour of wanderlust and bliss, then want to head to your bed or fall asleep on the couch. 


Cannatonic has a CBD:THC ratio of 3:1, making it ideal if you want some headiness in your strain without too much of a high. As a bonus, Cannatonic is among the most popular high-CBD strains, making it usually fairly easy to find.


Chemdawg is among the easiest strains to find due to its popularity, and it can help with your hangover. After smoking Chemdawg, you will feel calm and notice your body and headaches disappear. This hybrid also stimulates your appetite, helping ensure you get a healthy breakfast in to give your body the nutrients you need to fight the hangover. 


Chocolope will give you a nice dose of energy to invigorate you and compensate for your hangover. This strain has a pungent aroma and spicy, nutty flavor. After smoking some Chocolope, you will feel happy, and that elevated mood should make it easier to get over your hangover. 


Dancehall is a strain to consider if you want your hangover remedy to be much higher in CBD than THC. It typically has about 20% or more CBD, with a THC concentration of less than 2%. You get to enjoy a delicious terpene profile that is nice and dank, featuring elements of swamp grass and skunk. Your tongue will appreciate the herbaceous, sweet flavor. 

Grape Skunk

While Grape Skunk is great for overcoming hangovers, you don’t necessarily want to enjoy it if you have obligations coming up. The high starts off euphoric but quickly shifts to relaxing your eyes and body. Instead of dealing with the pain and discomfort of a hangover, you will find yourself settling into a state of relaxation that pushes the hangover to the back of your mind. 

Grape Skunk


Harlequin is among the most popular CBD-dominant cannabis strains and a great choice for those times that you want to overcome a hangover. Although it is high in CBD, Harlequin also has more than enough THC to satisfy you. You can expect a soothing and happy buzz after smoking some Harlequin. 

Hindu Kush

If your goal for dealing with a hangover is to get as mellow as possible, then consider Hindu Kush. This THC-dominant strain does wonders at dulling nearly all of your senses. That is a great way to remove or at least minimize any physical discomfort that lingers after your hangover. Overall, you can expect Hindu Kush to deliver relief both physically and mentally. 

Jack Herer

This sativa-dominant hybrid is among the most popular strains. It tends to deliver a high that is clear-headed and upbeat. That combination makes it ideal for treating hangovers as well as popular for other times when you feel just a bit under the weather. The great thing about Jack Herer for most people is that it fights the pain of a hangover while still letting you remain functional during the day. 


This sativa-dominant strain is likely to give you a bit of an energy boost, hopefully supplying the push you need to get over your hangover. It also encourages alertness, something that can be hard to come by after a night of heavy drinking. As a bonus, the strain has a delicious citrus flavor that is nice and sweet, combining oranges with mangos. 


Lavender is a THC-dominant strain with plenty of things going for it. This indicate-dominant strain features high concentrations of linalool. That terpene should do wonders for reducing hangover-related discomfort. One of the great things about Lavender is that how much you choose to consume determines how it affects you. You can easily still remain functional if you just have one or two hits of the strain. Or if you want more sedative effects, you can consume more of it. 

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie delivers an uplifting high that relaxes your body and keeps you in control. It also relaxes your stomach, helping fight the nausea typically associated with a hangover. That stomach relaxation also makes it helpful for people who struggle to eat with a hangover. 

Purple Kush

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a great choice for dealing with a hangover that lasts until evening. The combination of high THC and relaxing terpenes like linalool and myrcene helps you feel nice and calm before going to bed. Enjoy a few hits of this strain and find yourself easing into a restful sleep filled with calmness. 

Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck typically has a THC:CBD ratio of 10:1, which makes this strain great if you want to get over the hangover via sedation. Right after smoking the strain, you will feel creative and uplifted before its indica lineage kicks in and sends you to sleep

Sour G

Sour G is a strain that is high in CBG (cannabigerol, another cannabinoid), in addition to the typical cannabinoids. This high CBG content boosts its ability to make you feel better. After all, CBG can calm your body and mind. It also reduces pain and inflammation, both of which you will likely notice with a hangover. Of course, you also get an uplifting high that makes you feel so positive that you will almost forget you have a hangover. 

Sour Lemon OG

Sour Lemon OG lets you swap out the annoying hangover for an uplifting high. It is a particularly great choice if you have social gatherings to attend but are hungover. Essentially, it combines relaxation and a good mood. 

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy delivers calming and relaxing effects thanks to its CBD content that is typically over 16%. It is perfect for feeling cozy and letting the hangover pass. As a bonus, it has a robust terpene profile, so you get to enjoy a great flavor and a range of positive effects. 

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is another one of the weed strains on our list that is known for its high CBD content. Most people associate it with reducing inflammation and nausea. To maximize the effects of Sour Tsunami, have it along with breakfast or a meal, and remember to drink plenty of water. 

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a popular choice for those with hangovers as well as anyone who wants calmness in the morning or a reduction in pain. The strain delivers a calming high that doesn’t cause you to crash as you fade. As a bonus, it encourages creativity, helping you get some tasks done. 

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain that delivers plenty of uplifting feelings and energy. It can eliminate any of the fatigue your hangover brought with it. It will also reduce your pounding headache. The great thing about this strain is that you get energized but remain clear-headed and calm, without jitters. The little bit of indica in the strain’s lineage supplements those effects with some mellower body-numbing. 

The White

The White is another strain that is high in CBG. Expect to feel similar effects from this strain as you would from a high-CBD one, but without any pesky drowsiness or sleepiness. Instead, you get a high that is calming yet energetic. That makes it particularly popular for hangovers and general daytime use. 


Trainwreck is a popular choice for medicinal cannabis users as well as recreational weed users. It delivers happiness, euphoria, and creativity. If your hangover brought a migraine with it, this strain will help that pain disappear. It can also relieve other symptoms of hangovers, including nausea and body pain. 

Bonus: Berry Cobbler Hemp Flower

For those rare times that you don’t want any delta-9 THC in your bud, Berry Cobbler is a great choice. The lack of THC means that you will be more lucid after enjoying it. It also makes it a good choice for situations when you have obligations that mean you should not get high. 

Choosing Strains

Choosing Strains Not on This List

The above list is not conclusive. There are plenty of other weed strains that can help you deal with a hangover, but we couldn’t fit every single one on our list. 

If you can’t find one on our list, consider looking for similar strains or maybe parent or child strains of those that did make the list. 

You may also want to look for strains with a high CBD concentration. Remember that CBD is non-intoxicating, so opting for a high-CBD, low-THC strain can reduce the high you feel while still delivering the other effects that can help with your hangover. 

Think about whether you prefer the energizing effects of a sativa strain to help you power through your hangover or the relaxing effects of an indica to let you relax until the hangover disappears. 

Of course, your choice will also come down to personal preference. Think about the effects you want to feel in addition to getting over the hangover. Or consider your preferred flavor profiles


For the best results, remember to combine one of the above weed strains with other self-care tips to overcome a hangover, such as drinking plenty of water and eating a good-sized meal. 

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