Strain Review: Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain Review

It’s one of the most popular Indica marijuana strains of all time and the winner of the most cannabis awards world-wide. Though it is believed to have first arrived on the scene in Seattle, Washington, this particular strain was propagated out of Holland after 1985 and has grown in popularity ever since. 

Can you guess which strain this is?

It’s Northern Lights.

This particular cannabis strain is exceptionally well-known in the marijuana community. In fact, it is one that a majority of users say everyone should experience at least once if they can find it.

The Makeup of Northern Lights Marijuana

Northern Lights is a rare, almost pure Indica strain, coming in at around 90 to 95 percent Indica with the remainder Sativa. Because of this, Northern Lights offers powerful effects to users and is recommended for use in the evening or at nighttime.

The child of Afghan and Thai, Northern Lights is available in many different variations, which can lead to different flavour and aroma profiles. Northern Lights is also a parent of the popular Super Silver Haze and Superglue strains.

Northern Lights contains relatively high levels of THC. This strain’s THC content averages between 16 and 21 percent, with a CBD content of 1 percent or less. When you buy this strain, be sure to see that particular plant’s likely THC content so you can prepare for your Northern Lights experience accordingly.

Northern Light’s Appearance, Smell, and Taste

When opening a freshly purchased box of Northern Lights, users will see a plant with dark green, broad leaves. The bud may also feature hints of orange throughout.

Northern Lights is known for its piney and earthy aroma, with the occasional hint of citrus. It also offers a taste to match, with users describing the flavour as hashy and earthy, with an after-taste of pine.

The Effects of Northern Lights

The Effects of Northern Lights

Because it is a strong Indica, Northern Lights is known for providing users with sedative effects that can help people to relax after a long day. But that’s not the only effect users can anticipate: Northern Lights is also known for producing strong feelings of euphoria in users.

Northern Lights effects can include:

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Happiness
  • Drowsiness

The most common side effects reported with Northern Lights include dry mouth and dry eyes, both of which are easy to manage. When using Northern Lights, be sure to keep water close by and eye drops on hand.

The Northern Lights Experience

After taking your first hit of Northern Lights marijuana, you will be propelled through a journey of relaxation and euphoria. Its spicy, fruity, and earthy scent will greet you as you prepare to use the marijuana.

Its smoke is smooth to inhale, but you’ll taste an after-taste of pine.

Your body will go into a numbing, lazy mode. Your muscles will relax all over your body, and all your stress will start to melt away.

Accompanying this body high is a sense of euphoria and happiness. You’ll find yourself smiling and perhaps even giddy. Some users have even reported some increased feelings of creativity, though you may be too tired to act upon it.

You’ll likely end your Northern Lights experience with a heavy head, heavy eyelids, and a smile on your face as you slowly drift off to sleep.

Similar Strains to Try

If you loved your Northern Lights experience or can’t find it in your area but want to experience a similar strain, consider giving these a try:

  • Sour Grapes. Also called Grape Stomper, this strain has a strong, fruity taste and smell. It is known for helping people feel relaxed and happy. Unlike Northern Lights, which is almost a pure Indica, Sour Grapes is a hybrid with a 50/50 split between Indica and Sativa with a lower THC content, coming in between 10 and 16 percent.
  • Blackberry Kush. This particular strain is Indica-dominant and known for its relaxing effects. In addition to feeling relaxed, users also report Blackberry Kush causing feelings of happiness and drowsiness. It is pretty potent, so a little goes a long way. Smoking too much will likely put users to sleep quickly.
  • White Widow. Another hybrid, White Widow, is slightly Sativa dominant, coming in with a 60/40 split. This strain helps people feel happy, euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed. (You may have even heard of this strain on the television show Weeds). 
  • Death Star. If you are looking for another Indica-heavy strain, Death Star is a good option. Coming in at 75 percent Indica-dominant, it is known for helping people feel relaxed as well as euphoric. It also has a unique scent of rubber and lemon.

Dosing on Northern Lights and Other Strains

Dosing on Northern Lights and Other Strains

As a nearly pure Indica strain, Northern Lights packs a punch. That means a small amount can produce powerful effects. The first time you try this popular strain (or any new strain), be sure to start with a low dose

You can slowly take more until you feel the desired effects.

Because it is such a strong strain, it may not be the best for those who are new to using marijuana to start with. However, the majority of marijuana aficionados agree it is worth trying at some point.

Northern Lights: A Summary

One of the most popular strains on the market today, Northern Lights, is a rare, almost-pure Indica cannabis strain. Though it may be difficult to get a hold of depending on your location, it is definitely worth a try when you can find it.

Northern Lights is known for providing users with relaxing, sedative, and yet, euphoric effects. This particular strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day at the office. Because it can cause a strong body high and drowsiness that Indica strains are known for, it is recommended that users enjoy Northern Lights in the evening or at night.

As one of the most award-winning marijuana strains of all time, it’s no wonder Northern Lights has found such enduring popularity among the marijuana community.

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